by Matt Mayfield — Tuesday, Sep 05, 2017

Our new friend and fan Bryce tells his story from Saturday’s show at the Marion Ross Center:

” With one of her happy caretakers, ma’s all set!

Rather humbling to have to bathe her, but we got ‘er done. And she even broke out her favorite lipstick! From his web site, got the David Gilmour official tour shirt and she couldn’t wait for a night of Pink Floyd music. Plus, at Darlington it’s Throwback Weekend, so I broke out the ‘70’s shades and Dale Earnhardt Sr. shirt!

The tribute band is ‘Run Like Hell,’ and they are unbelievable. Talented beyond description.

They opened the show and played 1.5 hours nonstop! No bs talking or anything. Just brilliant music.

Along with every favorite, deep cuts like One of These Days, Sheep, Welcome to the Machine, and Sharisse Germain, pianist/guitarist and vocalist nailed The Great Gig in the Sky! And I mean nailed it. Perfect. Beautiful. Clare Torry would blush! And be honored.

All of them switching instruments; from lead guitar to saxophone to steel pedal guitar - and the bass was so powerfully punchy! Fantastic! Great work, road crew!

These are incredibly gifted musicians. Not just a band playing Floyd, but close your eyes and you’d think you’re at Royal Albert Hall watching David Gilmour.

And that Marion Ross Performing Arts theater is stunning!

Toward the end of the show she said next Saturday in Zumbrota they are performing at the State Theater. Do yourself a favor and enjoy an incredible night of music. Real music. Real talent. Just wonderful.

And if you have anything to do with entertainment, book this band! With lights and lasers and projected video screen and all senses firing, indoors and in a theater setting.

She said they’re from Saint Paul – head out and support Minnesota musicians!

From ma remembering lyrics to Time, to a great show … this was much, much needed. And our family won’t forget that night. So grateful. With DSOTM in ‘74, best gift she ever gave me was a life of Pink Floyd music.

We’re born; we live; we die. And musicians and talent like these make that life seem worthy.

Thank you

Thank you, Bryce, for sharing your story and for reminding us of what’s really important.